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"Simplify Each Moment"

dash. is a modern lifestyle brand for men and women who seek simplicity in their ever-busy life.

We believe in creating better experience through simplicity in everyday life. Our mission is to bring pleasure & simplicity to everyday living; removing frustrations and inconvenience from daily tasks.

We offer everyday products & services that help create a seamless experience to make your day more enjoyable; letting you focus on what really matters to you. Afterall, life's complicated enough.

Our Philosophy

dash. believes in creating daily experience free of frustrations. To help simplify each moment of your life, dash. carefully create unique products & services, following 3 key principles:


Minimal, easy-to-understand solutions to simplify each daily moments.


Easy & useful features in simple design, for everyday living.


Simple products designed for anyone, at any age & for any occasions.

Our Story

dash. was founded in 2019 with the vision to help create better daily experience for modern city life; bringing simplicity into everyday life through unique products & services.

Inspired by Morse Code, a universal communication language that brings the world together through mere “dashes” and “dots”, comes a philosophy of “Doing More with Less.” – The art of creating seamless experience through minimal design solutions, free from complexities, that is easy to understand and simple to use.


Reducing Environment Impact

dash. becomes one of the first independent lifestyle brand to entirely run its operations on 100% Renewal Energy.


Think "Less" - Bag for the Future

dash. launches an ultra-compact bag collections. Designed for the modern, cashless society, this latest collection reframe the definition of essential everyday carry.

2022 - A Place of Simplicity

dash. launches, a minimal creative space that embodies the spirit of dash. philosophy. Designed for simple, friction-less experience, service encompass cafe, cocktail bar, photography studio & gallery.


dash. wins multiple A'Design Award

dash. products win multiple-design awards in Italy for DA17 Conductor, DA18 Sling and DA26 Arch.


Inspiration in Simplicity

"A Pencil is the Ultimate Tool that let you Create with out distractions”

dash. launches its minimal-style stationery collection that help foster a more pleasant creative experience.


Simplicity in Motion

"A bag is a personal space that we take with us"
dash. debut its "Simple Commute" bag collection, designed to make daily travel more convenient.


Where It All Started

dash. guiding philosophy was formed from one simple, profound realisation:

Today's life has become over-complicated.