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DA14 Flat Pencil - 2B Black

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Elegant, Flat-shaped pencil that doesn’t roll. Eco-Friendly design, uses 30% less graphite.

Product Specification

Dimension: 17.5 × 0.72 × 0.52 cm
Weight: 5 g
Strap Length:
Handle Drop:
Colour: Black
Materials: Wood

Never Rolls Away

Lightweight, easy-to-hold, flat-shaped pencil that doesn’t roll.


Waste less. with 30% shorter graphite that finishes when pencil gets too short to use.

Sharpens Like Any Pencil

Compatible with regular pencil sharpener you already have.



<p>A Flat Pencil Can:</p><p>- Draw 38 Km<br>- Write 40000 words<br>- Sharpens 16 Times</p>